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Commercial Programmes

Having trained in the world of film and television our producers are just as much at home in the edit suite with 16mm film as they are wielding digital footage procured from any of the current broadcast formats. The company has worked with ITV, BBC and other corporate contractors on a variety of subjects. Railfilms have provided archive and contemporary footage on subjects as diverse as engineering works and driver training.

Railfilms was the first video contractor on site for the giant Cross Rail project. The Railfilms library has been used in the production of boxed set DVD releases for various retailers. The World Steam Today set was a specially commissioned series carried through from production planning, worldwide shooting and editing for release through WH Smiths.

A further recent project based on the Railfilms library featured archive footage provided for a BBC Gaelic language television series in Scotland.

Crogga, Isle of Man

The Tamworth Two

Technical Location Support

Carnforth, England

Sir Ian McKellen's Richard III

Technical Location Support

Vintage Train

Aleksandr Orlov

Advertising Support

Private / Retail Sales

Railfilms programmes are distributed to both our valued retail and wholesale customers via Telerail Ltd.
Customers can order DVDs via Telerail and pay by credit card. Tapes are sent out worldwide in PAL or NTSC formats and postage rates can be checked on the Telerail website.
Also on this site you will find more details on each of the titles and in most cases an extract of the programme can be viewed.