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Railfilms provide archive and contemporary railway footage.

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Get a brief look inside the Railfilms portfolio.


Railfilms Limited is a specialist video production company that has since the 1980s been producing documentary programmes on all things “railways”. From modern overseas train journeys to historical archive film, Railfilms has established itself as a leader in the field of specialist programme making.

With over 100 programmes for the enthusiast market under its belt, Railfilms also holds a comprehensive library of amateur and professional film footage devoted to “railways”.

Do you have or know anyone with footage we are looking for? Archive additions to our existing film library are always welcome! Go to the Research page to find out more.

Via the pages of this website you can find out more about our productions, library and distribution. You can find listings of our programmes, meet the team and establish news on future releases. For a true railway flavour – view our Taster Reel. Thanks for calling in…!

Also known as the Isle of Railways!

The Isle of Man


Crew Jason Brown (Cam), Don Atkinson (Sound)

Welshpool, Wales


Shooting Railfilms pilot "All Stations to Murder"

Churnet Valley Railway


Trade Sales

Wholesale orders for ten or more tapes per consignment at a negotiated discount are also welcome. For enquiries with regard to trade orders please email Railfilms at enquiries@railfilms.com